Tummy Tuck Case 1

Dr. Erica Anderson, MD.


Procedure: Tummy Tuck

Procedure Description: 

Another life changing transformation by our renowned Board Certified Breast & Body Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Erica Anderson. If you have excess skin, a mommy makeover does things that diet and exercise can’t do alone. This patient has had quite a complicated abdominal history with multiple scars present including a c-section scar. She desired an improvement to the appearance of these scars and to her overall abdominal contour. Dr. Anderson took a Fluer-de-lis type abdominoplasty approach. A Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck is designed to remove a significant amount of excess skin from the entire midsection. Her c-section and laparotomy scar were also addressed and greatly improved. In many cases including tummy tuck and breast augmentation, Dr. Anderson likes to use Exparel. Exparel is a long-lasting anesthetic that is injected during surgery. This helps tremendously with patient comfort for several days after surgery — so much so that patients often don’t even need to take any pain medication!

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