Breast Procedures

Breast enhancement has evolved significantly within the realm of cosmetic procedures, with modern plastic surgeons understanding its role in restoring the natural balance of a woman’s body. Whether addressing concerns of size, symmetry, or sagging, this procedure aims to harmonize proportions. Dr. Erica Anderson embraces this holistic approach to breast enhancement and eagerly anticipates refining your figure to showcase your beautiful curves in perfect balance.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation aims to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, restoring fullness and correcting asymmetry. Renowned as a leading breast implant surgeon, Dr. Anderson will tailor your surgery to complement your unique physique.

As time passes, the youthful fullness and perkiness of breasts can diminish. Breast Lift Surgery offers a solution by reversing the effects of sagging, restoring the lifted and youthful appearance.

Breast enhancement via Fat Grafting is an innovative technique that yields natural-looking results that endure over time, utilizing the patient’s own tissue for enhancement. Fat is harvested from other body areas and meticulously transferred to the breasts. 

For those burdened with excessively heavy breast weight, Breast Reduction can alleviate a spectrum of issues ranging from embarrassment to discomfort caused by bra strap indentations, severe back pain, skeletal deformities, and even breathing difficulties.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery tackles various concerns arising from augmented breasts. This procedure may encompass a capsulectomy, eliminating the tissue capsule encasing the implant post-placement.

Breast Revision

While breast implants are durable, they may not last a lifetime. If you’ve undergone previous breast surgery and are considering adjustments, discover the possibilities of Breast Revision Surgery with Dr. Anderson.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Asymmetry stands as the most prevalent form of breast irregularity, characterized by one breast being notably larger or denser than the other. This condition can lead to discomfort, particularly when finding a properly fitting bra becomes challenging due to the differing sizes.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Also known as male breast reduction, Gynecomastia Surgery aims to eliminate excess breast tissue. This procedure typically involves techniques such as liposuction, excision (using larger incisions), or a combination of both to achieve desired results.

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