Dr. Erica Anderson is delighted to provide a diverse selection of injectables that yield natural-looking results sans surgery, often with minimal downtime. Whether you’re contemplating treatment for fine lines and wrinkles or restoring lost volume due to aging or weight fluctuations, choosing the appropriate combination of procedures is crucial to achieving your desired outcomes. Dr. Anderson offers personalized consultations to curate tailored treatment plans that precisely address your needs. 

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Botox | Daxxify

While Botox® takes the lead as the epitome of wrinkle relaxers, a myriad of other brands, like Daxxify®, grace the market, promising an exhilarating array of options for flawless rejuvenation.

When it comes to restoring lost tissue volume due to aging, injectable dermal fillers reign as the top choice for countless patients. From enhancing the midface, forehead, and jawline to delicately rejuvenating the tissue around the eyes and mouth, the possibilities are endless with fillers.


Morpheus8 stands out as a cutting-edge microneedling device harnessing the power of radiofrequency energy to redefine and sculpt both the face and body through subdermal adipose remodeling. This innovative fractional treatment delves deep into the skin and fat layers, delivering a transformative outcome for a smoother, more contoured appearance.

ZO Skin Care

Achieve radiant skin at any age and for all skin types with a selection of skincare products, sun protection, and regimens featuring ZO® Skin Health. ZO® Skin Health offers a diverse array of solutions designed to rejuvenate and restore skin to its optimal health. Whether addressing sun damage, pigmentation concerns, or acne, ZO® Skin Health provides comprehensive solutions for all your skincare needs.

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