Breast Augmentation Case 33

Dr. Erica Anderson, MD.


Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Procedure Description: 

Breast augmentation performed with a breast lift done by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and body specialist, Dr. Erica Anderson. These photos are ONLY 2 months out from surgery. Smooth, round, gel Sienta implants (385cc and 355cc) were used for the breast augmentation. The breast implants are placed under the muscle for a more natural look and fee. Dr. Anderson is known for having the smallest incisions, measuring about 1.5″ in length and located under the breast crease where it is concealed without disruption to the nipples. This technique leads to more accurate placement than from the armpits or belly button. For the breast lift a “lolli-pop” incision was made which will continue to improve in appearance.

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